Speed up your WordPress Website

Images are the major contributors to size increment of a given webpage. The trick is to reduce the size of the images without compromising on the quality.

If you manually optimize the images using Chrome PageSpeed Insights extension or Photoshop or any other tools, the process will take a long time.

Speed up your website by optimizing your media Library files in a Fly and start getting more conversions.

Plugin Features

Automatically optimise images

Advanced background Optimization

Bulk Optimization

Thumbnail sizes

WPML Compatible

WP Retina 2x compatible

No file size limits

WooCommerce compatible

Why should you speed up WordPress?

Search engines (like Google) rank websites with fast-loading times higher than the slow-loading ones. So, if you want to improve your position in the SERPs, improving speed should be one of your priorities.

Studies have shown that site-loading speed of more than 2 seconds usually results in about 47 percent of visitors bouncing off the website. So, to keep about half of your visitors interested, you should speed up your WordPress.

Optimize your PNG and JPEG images with PNG Compressor and speed up your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can optimise up to 1000 images compression credits free every month. You simply need to register for a free account and enter your account API credentials in your WordPress under ‘Settings -> PNG Compressor’.
You must register a PNG Compressor account and then obtain your API key from your website settings page PNG Compressor.
There is no image file size limit you can send any size of JPG and PNG image.
All of the images you have optimised will remain optimised and won’t be changed.
Yes, there are no limitations. You can add the same key everywhere.
You can optimize all your past/current images using our “Bulk Optimization” page in your Media with a single click.

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